IP Address Management (IPAM) Specialist, Infradata

IP Address Management (IPAM) Specialist, Infradata

IPAM & Infradata

Infradata is the preminent international Network Integrator for all your IP Address Management (IPAM) requirements. Infradata has extensive international experience with world's largest mobile operators such as Vodafone and T-Mobile. As a result, Infradata has gathered great expertise in working on international IPAM projects with global operators. Next to the expertise and experience related to IPAM, Infradata is also industry leader in carrying out IPv6 migrations. As the first and foremost partner for IPAM and IPv6 migration Infradata cooperates with Efficient IP.

Infradata provides its customers with consultancy, design, implementation, migration, support and management services concerning IPAM. Because of the great experience, expertise and flexibility we are capable of building, migrating, designing and supporting the world's largest and most complex networks.

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Infradata migrates your IP administration

In setting up a smooth running IP administration, migrating your existing IP administration is a vital part of the project. Infradata has experience with migration from existing tools like MS-Excel, MS- Access, Vital Suite QIP, runIP and Infoblox. We can also fully integrate the new IP administration in your business processes for IP registration and IP allocation. By automising the processes for IP registration and allocation you can save costs and achieve great efficiency.

DNS & DHCP integration

Infradata can integrate your existing DNS and DHCP infrastructure with IPAM. Efficient IP also delivers DNS and DHCP appliances which are fully configurable to your own requirements. The migration of your own DNS server demands a sound preparation and implementation. This can also be handled by Infradata.

What can Infradata do?

Curious what we can do for you concerning IPAM? Call us at +31 71 7501525 or mail info@infradata.eu